Hey there! We are WonderWeb and we hand-craft creative Web Solutions with Solid Strategies, User-Centred Designs & Powerful Technologies.

WonderWeb is a web development/web design and digital solutions company; we focus on web development, mobile apps development, e-commerce, UX/UI design platform, Social media, Internet marketing, Creative tech, Content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), IT Support Services, etc.

WonderWeb is based in Dubai and serves round the world with the help of our professional business associates. At our development hub, we have a team of best developers, programmers, designers and the best project managers to lead the groups. With the help of these experienced professionals, we are ready to give you excellent results to help you grow your businesses and fight the competition.

We live by our slogan, Enjoy Traffic, by giving your company a website that draws attention. Our philosophy is to build brands, engage customers, offer market research, and generate leads. We believe that with simplicity, you can help customers understand what you offer and be willing to purchase. We give you the ability to put the right message out in the right areas for the most success.

 Why Select Us

  • Young team with professional digital background
  • 8 years combined experience with both designing and online marketing
  • The team has an open-minded vision towards the future
  • View clients as friends and partners
  • We have the know-how to provide the client with the best campaign solution
  • Work with large and small projects


 What We Deliver

  • Good Concepts
  • Big Audience
  • Great Experience


 The Founders

Tarek and Rana met several years ago and decided to create a company to help businesses with online marketing design and development. With their combined expertise, they offer businesses the ability to promote their services.

Tarek started his career 16 years ago as a broadcaster on Media Broadcast TV in the Middle East. He then went on to work with Al Jazeera News, Al Jazeera Sports Qatar, Al Rai Kuwait, Dubai TV, and MBC Group in Dubai.

Looking to help others, he offers his abilities in the following areas: 


  • Work promotions graphics
  • Online Presence graphics
  • Big Media Projects
  • Video production for the internet
  • UI Expert Tech Guru


Rana is our marketing and advertising director. She has years of experience working on advertising campaigns in Dubai and many other locations in the Middle East. She has done exhibitions and events with some of the biggest companies in the region. The exhibitions she has done have been throughout Europe and Dubai.

Tarek and Rana then partnered with Omar Khatib to further the span of the company. Omar already worked in the KSA and MENA regions. He believes in the online era and worked to develop WonderWeb so that it would be successful for many businesses. He helps businesses see that it is worth the risk.