Facebook to launch new bookmarking tool “Save”

Facebook to launch new bookmarking tool “Save”

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You know those times when your dead bored in the metro and you happen to just causally scroll through your Facebook newsfeed, and suddenly come across a dozen links that you want you want to check out, but you can’t because getting out of the metro in Dubai is like going to war.

Well Facebook is set to make it easier with its new book marking tool “Save”, Letting users  access these links at another more convenient time.

Just like how  Tweeter’s use the favorite tool and tumblr users make do with the heart tool, where users access whatever they want at a later time, People on Facebook can now do this too, making life easier for a whole lot of users.

The average Facebook user has around 1,500 stories each day that possibly appear in their news feed. Facebook only surfaces 20% of these. This new feature will allow users to flag links, music and places so they can come back to it at a later time. These saved items will be private so they wont appear on your friends newsfeed, unless you wish to share, permanently archive or delete them.

This feature which can be accessed by a drop down menu at the upper right hand corner of the content, will encourage users to save items like music, books, places and links.

Facebook’s new Save feature on desktop.


Facebook has said that “Save” will be rolled out to all users over the next few days, both on web versions and their mobile iOS and Android apps. Before this Save feature, there was no easier way to revisit older posts. Since Facebook’s newsfeed is un-chronological in nature, scrolling 10 minutes in your newsfeed would be pointless and reap no results.

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