How Fonts & White Space Can Affect User Exprience

How Fonts & White Space Can Affect User Exprience

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All the elements on your website determine user experience, but Fonts play a huge role in determining user interface. Why ? you say. Well what else do users interact most with other than reading.

Every element of design determines over all user experience, but Fonts form the core element because readers spend more time reading than enjoying images or watching videos. A couple of years ago a study conducted by researchers at MIT concluded that Fonts can affect the way we feel. That means a good font can make us smile mentally while a bad font can make us frown mentally

Fonts affect users in two specific ways
Firstly we associate different fonts to other connotations, for example the instance where the font is used changes how we feel towards it.
If we see comic sans in children’s coloring book, when another site uses comic sans, it will appear childish or non professional to the reader. This is not because of the font itself or the spacing or the height, its just because we have learnt to associate it with childishness.

Secondly the font must be readable to the user.
The more we concentrate on reading the text the less we like reading the text. Most users skim through text to get through it quicker. Text must clear and easy on the eye and the brain. Sometimes after reading a really long article remembering it gets hard this is because some fonts are easier to read than others. Nowadays, serif fonts like georgia are becoming popular.

Lets just consider White Space as an element.

When I had to design a magazine in college it was abundant with appropriate white space, but everyone just said I could use it for more content, to everyone who said that. White Space, it is NOT wasted space. Lets just regard it as a part of the design element rather than just space.
This space or rather element has a number of advantages.

It improves readability
Most internet users would love to read all the content on your websites, but they honestly cannot and probably will not. So what they do is merely skim through the content, and the best we can do to make skimming easier is to use white space. Which will make important points easier to pick up and remember.

It  just  makes  the  reader  more  comfortable, see what I did there

Eye flow
White Space is a great tool if you want to guide users to a particular point in your design. Like this Apple IMac homepage design

Look at how white space is effectively used in the Apple iMac web page


To summarize
to people who design content and text, the font should bring  personality to the text, regardless of the content & white space can be a very potent tool in designs when  white space is used as an active element.

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