iPhone 6 Air Concept by Sam Beckett!!

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The art of developing iPhone idea video clips has transformed into an attraction for many The apple company enthusiasts over the decades.

But a new idea movie illustrating a possible “iPhone Air” concept is so excellent it looks like it could have from the Recuperation mother ship itself.

Created by developer Sam Beckett, using nothing more than Adobe adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, After Results and Last Cut Pro X, it clip gives us a glance of what Apple’s said iPhone 6 might look like.

With a slimmer type aspect, a compact sized frame and a bigger display, Beckett reveals the idea iPhone Air system arriving together in items in much the same way as the iPhone 5S did in its professional last season.

But aside from the amazing authenticity of it clip, what really places Beckett’s movie apart from the relax is its interest to details. If you take a close look, you’ll observe that he involved the said iOS 8 Healthbook app on the desltop of the product.

Considering The apple company just launched iOS 7.1 on Thursday, iOS 8 is probably a lengthy way off. But we wouldn’t be amazed if the “iPhone Air,” or at least something like it, creates a very actual first appearance sometime later this season.

Check out some more design by Amazing designer. Hopefully gonna make everybody crazy !!






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By Sahil Khan

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