Orient TV Mobile App

Orient TV Mobiles App

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Orient TV Mobile Apps Case Study

Orient TV has recently launched a new application on (IOS & Android ) designed and developed by WonderWeb. Here’s how we did it!

The Project

Creating Mobile Application for Orient TV that fits Android platform and IOS platform (Iphone & Ipad ).

The Challenge

  1. Developing Dynamic App.

  2. Creating a friendly user experience on different platforms.

  3. developing a full control solution on the App through the client’s website backend.

  4. incorporating special features such as a Video On demand and Live stream.

Work Process

  1. The App was designed to support IOS Devices (Iphone , Ipad) with Retina and Non Retina display and all Android devices by creating a specific design which fit each platform .

  2. We have used Native language development: for IOS using Object c and X code and for Android Devices using Java.

  3. The Main challenge was to create a Dynamic App without creating a backend for it , so the app was totally dependant on Orient TV website. We used RSS Feed from Orient TV website to give their administrator a full control on the App without developing any backend web services, so all the the development work was done on our side to make the App work with multi categories  , Different Data types and yet welcoming design.

  4. Video library : Orient TV has a channel on youtube and each TV show has its own playlist , we worked with Orient Developer to create a feed that send us ,the youtube channel playlist as RSS Feed and it is totally controlled by them .

The Result

The application is now available online to download in (Android and IOS); let us know your feedback!

Click the link to download :

Android : http://bit.ly/1o7ZjxH

IOS: http://bit.ly/1cp9usK

By Tarek Saneh

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