A Roundup of the 5 Best (CMS) Content Management Systems

A Roundup of the 5 Best (CMS) Content Management Systems

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Gone are the days where you to get your head  around html/css coding to build your website. Today building a website has become much easier with Content Management Systems. 

What is a content management software you say, well its a software that helps to manage and add content on your website. Something like keeping a record of books in your library, and the best feature of CMS is that you need no technical know how or skills to figure it out or to maintain it. Yes, almost all of your content is managed by CMS. Open source CMS also helps cutting cost on web development.

Now lets get to the roundup bit of this article.
To begin with lets just say there are loads of CMS to choose from, like clothes, it depends on your preference. They differ on the basis of flexibility, how customizable it is or being complicated or easy and simple.

To kick off our list, We’ll begin with



This CMS can help you create beautiful websites or blogs, and its free. In all honesty, its simplicity and the ease of utilization is priceless. There are countless number of plugins and themes available to transform your baby website into an amazing and beautiful advanced  website. It all upon your imagination and creativity.


2. Drupal.

This is an open source Content Management platform that used by millions of applications and websites. It can help you build advance website ranging from corporate to enterprise applications. You will discover a thousand and more add-on  modules and themes for the website you have in mind. It can also be used to build a database management website, though this does require a lot of development techie knowledge


3. Joomla

Joomla is an award winner in the CMS field. It not only helps you  build websites but also powerful for online applications. You do not need to be an advanced user to set up and install Joomla and its available for free. The good points, well its provides easy usage and extensibility that have made it popular.


4. SilverStripe CMS

This platform is as cool as it sounds, that is it can be used for websites, intranets and web applications. Government, businesses and Non profit organizations use this CMS. This platform is immensely flexible and easily customizable, they also provide fundamental security models, caching, workflow and multiple language. SilverStripe CMS is open source containing powerful php5 based programming.


5. CushyCMS

Three words for this platform- light weight, fast and simple. The entire purpose of this platform is to make life easier for web designers. It gives clients access and ability change content of particular pages without effecting everything else on the website. Another benefit well, No server requirements, no programming requires and you don’t even have to teach your clients, all you gotta do is provide FTP details and BAM, your done.


As I said earlier CMS are like clothes, to choose the best one; you only have to figure out which is best suited it for your requirements and what you prefer using. Keep in mind though unless you use different CMS you wouldn’t really know what which one suits your need best. Best suggestion Explore!  so you can find the best service for your client.

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