NAS & Google Apps

The NAS and Google Apps although separate technologies, provides an effective solution to small to medium size companies when used together.

Whatever your business is, eventually choosing the right solution in terms of storage and data management is essential to ensure a reliable cost effective solution. Whether you’re looking to store all the company’s data on a centralized storage device which can be shared by all the employees or you want to host any application or website on the selected operating system you will need to have a reliable, scalable, up-gradable, cloud ready and cost effective solution to accommodate the company’ continuous growth.

NAS Servers

Using a solution like Synology NAS can provide you with the following benefits:

  •  Reliability because of redundancy
  •  Flexibility in terms of backing up to external drives or online to the cloud.
  •  Scalability where you can upgrade your storage drives
  •  Cloud support which allows for files syncing
  •  Virtualization
  •  Security


Google Apps provide essential solutions for the company to operate efficiently.
It provides the employees with:
  •  Google Mail
  •  Google Calendar
  •  Google Docs
  •  Google App for Mobile
  •  Google Sites

Google Apps Services Dubai

No matter if you use NFS or CIFS protocols, nas san storage devices are great, the help that they provide include:

  • They reduce downtime, provide higher utilization, consolidation and thus cut the costs upto 40%.
  • NAS san storage provides reliable and scalable file storage and thus reduces administrative overhead by up to 60%.


Google Apps & NAS Servers : With the costs that they reduce, and ease that they provide they are ideal for most of the needs of businesses.