Live Streaming Services Dubai

Live Streaming Services Dubai

WonderWeb provides full equipped live streaming service for live video and audio. Through utilizing a connection with a tier 1 CDN, high definition stream quality is supported and multi devices stream is fully supported as well.

-Secure hosting and supporting technical infrastructure

The WonderWeb online network is broadcasted from a content delivery network (CDN) data center that spans the globe. This global point of presence approach, along with a WonderWeb server located in the heart of the CDN data center, guarantees an instantaneous connection and access to the highest quality bandwidth regardless of geographic location. Servers, located directly within the CDN data center, handle file uploads directly, insuring the fastest upload speed possible for video on demand content.

The network is backed by 24/7 network monitoring. All our servers use RAID 5 security, meaning there is a guarantee that content won’t be lost and in the instance of a server crash a live stream will automatically be redirected to another server without a lapse in viewing quality.

Additional platform security is provided for users utilizing monetization, as a token system is implemented to prevent pay-per-view and subscription content from being watched by unintended viewers. Geographic locations and other measures are also in place, allowing the broadcaster to designate the audience or disallow certain regions from being able to view media content.


 Video on Demand Services

WondreWeb can provide a solution for both live and previously recorded, on demand streaming content. including support for stream archiving, mobile broadcasting and rich monetization features provided out of the box.


 Analytics for Live and VOD

All content broadcaster are measured and available with full analytic to track success and analyse demographics. This data can be saved as a file for reports, while specific data is available for the various monetization features.

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