TechTalk – Technology in Dubai

TechTalk – Technology in Dubai

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TechTalk – Technology in Dubai

Tech talk is an Arabic online technology in Dubai video show  presented by WonderWeb. It is a new series of videos for those who are interested to learn about new technologies & trends in the digital market from website development & design to Online Marketing & Social Media in addition to various related subjects. It’s our own way of paying back to society.
Wether you are a pro or an amateur follow us to learn about all the technologies in web used by the pro, from web design to social media to video production techniques, equipments and gadget reviews, we will talk about what equipment and gadget is available in Dubai and middle east markets reviews and more.

Episode 1

This is episode is a tutorial on how we buy a domain name and how we install WordPress (arabic language), so we can design a website for any business or just for a personal blog.
تيك تك هو برنامج تكنولوجيا باللغة العربية من انتاج وندر ويب, هو عبارة عن سلسلة من الفيديوهات للمهتمين بتكنولوجيا الويب وأحدث الاختراعات في عالم التكنولوجيا, ابتداء من تطوير وتصميم مواقع إلكترونية والتسويق الإلكترونية و شبكات التواصل الإجتماعي
بالإضافة إلى عدة أمور متعلق
.أنها طريقتنا لرد الجميل إلى المجتمع

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