The New Fingerprint Scanner in New Galaxy S5

The New Fingerprint Scanner in New Galaxy S5

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Once again, Samsung has succeeded in exceeding the expectations of its fans by launching a brand new Galaxy S5 as announced on their website. One of the most interesting features that the new phone has is the fingerprint scanner option on the home button.

Upon reviewing the new feature of this phone, we have found two major functionality that makes this device more interesting:

- First Functionality: the phone supports Fingerprint scanner in home button. The fingerprint reader requires to swipe your finger across the sensor to unlock the phone.

- Second Functionality: the user can register a total of 8 fingerprint and link an action to each finger such as creating a shortcut ,open apps .etc…

In our opinion, this feature will have both advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is the personalization and security of the device in case it was stolen. As the device will not function without the fingerprint of its owner.

As for the disadvantage, in case this feature was damaged in the device, we believe that the cost of repairing will be expensive and the user will though lose the competitiveness of this device which he bought the phone for in the first place. Moreover, the fingerprint sensor will lose its functionality in case the finger is not fully dry.

What do you think about this new feature? Share your comments with us!

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