Your Android, on the web – AirDroid V2

Your Android, on the web – AirDroid V2

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Hello! Today I am going to discuss about a new and useful app for all android users. It’s AirDroid V2. Yeah I know you must be confusing with the name with android. The name suggests its use.  Air – wireless and Droid – for android users. It’s a wireless technology to manage your data transfers for your android device. It requires a minimum platform of android 2.1 version. So you don’t have to have the latest android version in order to use this app.


This amazing application allows you to message, upload files, download files, you can even listen to your favorite song stored on your mobile through you laptop. Isn’t it amazing???  The awesomeness of this app does not end here. You can make calls from your laptops which can be controlled by your android device. You can even drag and drop files on your laptop to upload files on your mobile that too wirelessly. We can see and download our gallery pictures, contacts and even applications to our laptop. This eye widening app is absolutely free for all android users. All you have to do is, just download it and experience the refreshing and amazing application.I think this app will prove itself very helpful for each android user. What do you think??

Check this new app and experience its usability.

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